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Serious R/C Fun

SHDTweaker5 Tweaker 5 FPV Quadcopter Frame by Shen Drones

It's a Tweaker, only bigger. 220mm, for 5" props. The bottom plate is 4mm, top plate 2mm. A 3d printed fpv cam mount is included, with click stops for 5, 20, 35, and 50 degrees. The production mount will be black. Frame weight with cam mount is 136 grams.

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Blast down the bayou!

The Cajun Commander arrives decked out with dynamic detail! All electronics are in place, and so is a Tactic 3-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio for precision control.

Made of durable ABS plastic, the Cajun Commander's high-performance

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BLH1580 BLADE Blade 230s BNF

The Blade® 230 S helicopter is the ideal platform for getting started in aerobatic helicopters because innovative SAFE® technology and its progressive flight mode system makes flying a collective pitch heli easy, even if you’re a beginner.

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