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MST RMX 2.0 Ready to Run

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MST RMX 2.0 Ready to Run

MST has had the RMX 2.0 kit and RTRs out for a while now.  However, they have just released several new body options.  All of which are in stock on the website.  I personally built and have been extensively driving the kit version since they came out.  It has been a great performing chassis easy to tune, economical, and plenty of room for upgrades.  Since I enjoyed the kit version so much I decided to try out the Read to Run.  This is the first competitive RTR RWD R/C Drift car to come out that I know of.   The RTR includes everything needed to run besides a 2S LiPo battery and 4 AAs for the transmitter.  At $349-$359 it makes it possibly the cheapest way to get into RWD R/C Drift.  Even with some of the cheaper kits and electronics out there you will still likely spend over $500 to complete a car with body and wheels. 


Most of the kits come with a Tamiya Pre-Painted Shell with the accessory packs and light buckets.  Tamiya shells are some of the thickest and most detailed shells out there, so they are sure to look good and hold up on the track. They do not drill the body post holes in the body, so you can outfit it with stealth mounts if you prefer.  All of the RTRs are driven at the factory before leaving to assure they are functioning properly.  The RTRs come with a 17.5T sensorless brushless motor installed.  Due to the higher turn motor they have changed the internal gear ratios a bit to match running the common 10.5T setup.  The have also traded the ball differential for a solid spool.  The only other difference from the kit is it comes with fixed turnbuckles to provide a good tune for beginners and various surfaces.  They have released a Turnbuckle Rod End set (210595R) to replace the fixed Turnbuckles for the low price of $16.90 if you prefer to be able to make adjustments.  They have released nearly all of the option parts for the RMX, so there is plenty of room for upgrading if you prefer.


Over the last weekend we set up a demo at the Formula Drift even in St Louis/Madison Il at Gateway Motorsports Park.  I decided this was a great opportunity to put the Demo RTR to a full very harsh test.  I personally drove the RTR for some time in the morning to see how it preformed.  The only thing I did to the car was decrease the gyro sensitivity slightly.  There was a bit of wobble in the front tires and this resolved that without losing drivability.  The wobble likely would have not been notable on a slick surface and the gyro adjustment was partially a personal preference change.  I was easily able to run door to door with many high end setups and skilled drivers.  I then handed the transmitter off to several very skilled drivers to compare and test. Every driver was impressed with how smooth and well it drove out of the box especially considering the price.  The car barley took a break all day as I handed the controller over to anyone passing by or interested in R/C drift including some very young kids. As you can imagine due to the nature of RWD R/C Drift the car took an absolute beating.  The car was driven full throttle by many, running up the walls/barriers, and even flying off the track at points.  The car was also put to the heat test.  The carpet temped out at an easy 150 degrees in the direct sun meaning the electronics were getting to the danger level of heat.  I honestly wanted to see something give and nothing ever did.  The only thing to happen was a few scrapes and scuffs. 


I can honestly say I was thoroughly impressed with the outcome.  I would highly recommend this to anyone getting into the hobby especially if you are trying to keep it low cost at first.  MST has really brought something great to the R/C drift market with these Ready to Run kits. I can only imagine this is something that will push the hobby even further and create many new drivers. 


Below are a few photos of the RTR after the test at FD and here is a direct link to all the available RMX 2.0 Ready to Run kits.



  1. Spencer Stokes Spencer Stokes

    Just depends on what chassis. If its old likely any Tamiya parts have been discontinued. What are you trying to upgrade on it? Several of the parts we carry are universal.

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